about Britt


When you’re raised by an artist and a stand-up comedian everyone expects you to be either funny or creative— you’ll quickly realize my jokes aren’t that great, so I must be an amazing artist.

I specialize in custom artwork and incorporating it into digital materials and printed assets. My work ranges from hand lettering, to paintings and drawings, to illustrations, and product design. I'm fascinated and propelled by art & design and the ability it has to serve as visual communication. 

I come from a family of artists, and after graduating from college I began my own creative career as an artist and designer. My journey began in the wedding industry, while working as a wedding invitation designer I learned the ins and outs of graphic design, printing, and working with small businesses. During that time, it became clear to me that I love, and have a knack for, hearing someone’s vision and making it come to life. I’m now have my own studio specializing in creating original work for people and businesses who appreciate unique and compelling design. 

I would love to hear for you!


photo magic by Elizabeth Ervin

photo magic by Elizabeth Ervin